Dshini unleashed in the United States

Good news folks. From this day on, Dshini is proudly offering its unique system in America

What Dshini is all about?

Dshini offers you an easy and accessible system to earn points.
Redeem your points in our marketplace for free gift cards and awesome items.

Sign up!

Shop with friends from all over the world on Dshini®.
The best – you can use it for free as Dshini® is powered by advertisements only.

Earn Points!

Dshini® offers a unique system to earn and redeem points.
Get credited for stuff you do online, like playing games or watching videos. You can even trade in some of your old items. It’s that simple!

Shop for free!

Fashion, Beauty, Electronics or Video Games – What do you like?
Use the marketplace and turn your points into gift cards or items.
Invite friends to unlock even more awesome Dshini® Rewards!

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