Harley/Eddie – Silence (red color: past, normal: present)

Veröffentlicht am 15.11.2012 by BloodyZora

What the hell is with my mind? I was having trouble with my other BatsyWorld videos, so I desided to listen some random songs from youtube. And I found this stunning songs from Lucia and that how this one started. I did this in… 5-6 hours. Fortunately, I have a pretty fast computer and rendering took only 10 minutes.

Yeii, there’s a quick story for this, really quick because I have to go to bed soon.
*Harley is a stripper and Joker’s girl, Eddie is falling in love with her.
*Joker doesn’t like Eddie and sends Harley to kill him. Luckily for Eddie, Harley is just messing with him and isn’t really going to kill him. Because come on, Harley considers him at least as a friend!
*Harley loves Eddie too! Obviously, they end up together.
*But life does not go according to plan. Harley gets mad at him (I’m too lazy to think of what is it about this time, Eddie is not an easy man) and leaves him.
*Joker finds Eddie and tries to kill him (or his goons are trying to)
*Riddler finds himself from hospital. Thank you, Batsy! (Eddie’s little guardian angel……)


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