Relaxing in Sunset

by *MrsEmmyJ

Umhh…Well. I finally finished – a – digital – painting! :iconrainbowsqueeplz: OH MA GOD! It’s really hard, finding time, coloring stuff on computer right now…I have to practice for a lot of exams :iconsadnessplz:
Yeah, I first begun to color: But somehow I lost patience………….

This show really makes my day! ❤ I can’t describe it. I love all the characters in it. I need to draw them some time…

This needed longer than I actually thought it would. And I am still not satisfied with it. I dunno…Something is wrong with it…Don’t you think? Probably it’s because my shit always looks same and the coloring-style is so easy to imitate…Hmm. Or maybe just should look on the positive sides here but…it’s hard *sigh* -.-

Well The Joker x Harley ever! :rose: And Scrat and Scratte of course <33 :heart:

I hope you enjoy it anyway :B

The Joker © Bob Kane (DC Comics)
Harley Quinn © Bruce Timm & Paul Dini (DC Comics)

Artwork © Me


Tipp dir die Finger wund ... :-D

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