Harley and Riddler

by ~insanityShadow

I KNOW, I KNOW!! Sickest combination and my childhood is damaged but this came into my mind and I had to draw it XD
I have no idea why I suddenly developed as soft spot for the Riddler, but I guess ever since I started playing Batman: Arkham asylum he grew on me… and Harley was always one of my favorites… well~ sew me I just had to do it… and I’m pretty god damn pleased with myself because in my opinion it turned out great! And I don’t ever say that about my pictures…just noticed in the 10th issue of Gotham city sirens that harley did already kiss Edward ([link]) interesting much?so here is the colored and here the lineart: [link]

The Riddler (Edward Nashton/Nigma), Harley Quinn (Harleen Quinnsel) (c) DC comics


Tipp dir die Finger wund ... :-D

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