Robin 101: Tim Drake

by *Tragic-Ballerina

Alright, first things first, i know DC’s reboot has apparently eliminated Tim as ever being a Robin and now he was always just Red Robin. I know. Whatever. Doin this anyway.
So, what can i say about Tim. He was the third Robin introduced in ’89 and, (considering his irrational fear of boobies) he gets a lot of fangirls. Maybe not as much as Nightwing though…i dunno.
He originally popped up after Jason had died and Bruce was being super moody. Tim insisted that Batman needed a Robin and, after convincing Bruce with his amazing detective skills, was given approval to take on the role. Basically, he found out Bruce and Dick’s secret identities through his stalking… i mean investigating, (which in reality wouldn’t be too hard to figure out. But, you know, since this is a universe where glasses count as a disguise i guess it seems legit.)
The interesting thing with Tim and Bruce together was how it completely changed the Batman and Robin dynamic. Because of Jason, Bruce was very distant with Tim and very strict. Even though Tim was solving mysteries, taking down criminals on his own and was being an EPIC mega nerd with a stick (in his comics especially), it was a whole lot harder for Tim to get Bruce’s approval than it was for Dick.
Of course that all eventually changed. Bruce accepted him, was there for Tim when everyone he knew was dying, adopted him as his kid, yadda yadda, mushy mushy. Yah get it.
I personally like Tim and Dick’s dynamic more than Tim and Bruce’s. Waaaaaaaaay more bromance!
PS- Dick’s part at the end probably wont make much sense unless you read the first of this mini series [link]


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