Robin 101: Dick Grayson

by *Tragic-Ballerina

Hey guys! Remember when i said my Hiatus was over…like…a month ago? NOW it’s over!
Anyway, this is the first of a little mini comic/self challenge i’m doing where pretty much i try to sum up each Robin and their relationship with Batman in 6 panels. You know, for the noobs. (And in case you’re wondering, yes, i’m doing Steph too).
So, this is the first one, Dick Grayson.
Basically, back in the day, Dick wasn’t all that helpful. He was mainly there because DC felt batman needed a ‚Watson,‘ so of course they settled with some ten year old with no pants instead. Basically he was there to cut through Batman’s scary demeanor (though the Silver Age seemed to do that on its own anyway) and so that he branched out to a younger audience. Back in the day, Batman was also celibate, so he didn’t have a girlfriend to constantly go rescue. Robin also filled that slot…oh god that came out wrong.
So, long story shot, Dick Grayson was, for the most part, a remotely helpful, pantsless 10 year old ex-acrobat who hung out with Batman and was kind of adorable. He is also the most commonly seen Robin outside of the comic world, Batman’s best friend/son and grew up to be a total babe.


Tipp dir die Finger wund ... :-D

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