Riddler & Harley – „Blame It On My A.D.D, Baby!“

Veröffentlicht am 23.05.2012 by BloodyZora

I’m so sorry about the audio!! X( It sounds so horrible on my laptop’s loudspeakers, hope it’s even decent with what ever loudspeaker you are using…

I fell in love with this song. Seriously, this is the only song I can listen from this band, and I LOVE this. Sometimes I can’t understand how a band can make only one song that sounds incredible, and all other song are… not so incredible… Ears bleeding blood-style.

This video is mostly about The Riddler. And pretty much about Harley too and her and Nigma’s relationship. And it’s little bit about Joker too.. Quite frankly, it doesn’t feel like Harley is Harley without him. And there’s even Batman. Because what the hell Batman villains are without glimpse of The Dor…. Dark Knight.

Harley Quinn has (finally) left The Joker (or is it that we are just thinking she has left him…) and finds herself in company of other Gotham’s criminal mastermind, Edward Nigma, aka The Riddler. Harley, who has been Joker’s henchgirl a while, realizes that it’s not so much easier to life with Riddler. It wasn’t so funny and entertaining to life with The Joker, who abused Harley many many times fysically and mentally. But Riddler, who is narcissistic like hell, knows DAMN WELL how to mentally abuse someone…
It’s also interesting that Harley is a former psychiatrist, she know these things, especially the minds of criminals…

(Spot the little bat signal on background picture on 0:180:21 and get a free interactive COOKIE! :D)

Pairing: Harley Quinn, Riddler (Nolanized Batman Universe)
Song: Sail by Awolnation


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