Harley get out of the bathroom

by *amymethvenart

Harley!!! Get out of the Bathroom!!

Yeh Harley, Mr J needs to put his makeup on!

Ah, good old Batman the animated series. Now that is what I grew up with. BTW,I HATE the Harlequin reboot! What have they done to you, poo? Anyway…moving on.

Now this was going to be the other way round, the joker was hogging the bathroom and Harley was shouting outside, but I thought this was funnier.

Harlequinn is my fave female character in anything ever made. She’s a villain with a good strong head on her shoulders. (even if she did fall for a psychopathic nutball)

Like the rubber duck?

It must be noted here; see the toothbrushes? Bit of explanation here for their colours. Now, obviously Mr J’s toothbrush is green and Harley’s is pink. So…pink goes really good with green! That’s a shout out to my favourite Musical ‚Wicked‘. Also I think it’s sort of kewl how the green one is facing away from the pink one…symbolism. Gotta love it.


Ok, I had a few poeple, not just DA peeps asking me why the Joker would need to put make up on. As this is set in the BTAS universe, apparently people think the joker doesn’t wear make up. Well, yes in this universe his skin is has been bleached from the acid, so he doesn’t wear makeup for that. But acid would not have made his lips red and his eye area black, that has to be make up. But even if its not, the Joker in BTAS is rediculously flamboyant and is constantly changing his look so why would he NOT wear make up?

Admittedly, it could work for those that put the Nolan Joker with the BTAS Harley together (which btw does not work visually at all, though that is just my opinion) so you could say it’s the Nolan Joker behind the door who wears make-up (or war paint as he would say.) And though I love the Nolan Joker, I prefer the personality of the BTAS.

Or maybe he just said that as a joke?!? Ever think of that?!? Gawd…

‚If you have to explain a joke then there IS no joke!‘ Fabulous. I guess I’ve ruined this picture with having to explain it to people.


Tipp dir die Finger wund ... :-D

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