Batman, Joker, Riddler (feat Harley) – City (Halloween Gift 2011)

Hochgeladen am 31.10.2011 by BloodyZora

Fandom: Nolanazed Batman
Characters: Batman, Harley Quinn, The Joker, Edward Nigma
Song: City (by Hollywood Undead)

I really wanted to use this song in some Batman vid but I didn’t find an inspiration to do it before I found out the beauty of Brittany Murphy as Harley Quinn and Jude Law as The Riddler.

There is so fucking much material in this:
*The Dark Knight
*Batman Begins
*Arkham City Riddler trailer
*Don’t Say A Word
*The Dead Girl
*Uptown Girls
*Sin City
*All The Kings Men
*My Blueberry Nights
*Repo Men
*Batman Forever
And I’m sure something is missing… Tell me if you notice it.

PS. 0:130:14 has become some kind of a trademark of mine. XD I use it so much….


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