Eww Birds and Bees

by *Tragic-Ballerina

I never quite got the saying ‚The Birds and the Bees.‘ If you ask me, it’ll be a very terrifying day the day birds and bees actually mate, making their giant flying stripie mutant babies with knife butts.
Anyway, this is a veeeeery late pressie for my Brookie pants! Hope you like babe!
I got a couple of other presents lined up for a few other friends, hopefully school lets me sketch them up in the near future.
PS- i got Ivy’s information on Pollenation of wikipedia, so if anyone picks up a flaw, keep in mind, i’m a complete dumbass and had NO IDEA how pollenation worked until i wikied it five minutes ago, so plz don’t science troll me ;_;
Characters owned by DC ect


Tipp dir die Finger wund ... :-D

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