Joker & Harley ;; „Every second I waste is more than I can take“ [Numb]

Hochgeladen am 06.12.2010 by SlashGashJokerWhore

I would have uploaded this last night if I wasn’t so tired and if it didn’t take over two hours to render. I’m sorry. It’s here now and all should be forgiven.

I need 8 more subscriber please? 8 more subscribers and I can make a 200 subbers vid for your entertainment! Oh, this is my 100th video! =D

One easy step to help you achieve that ideal phsyique which you deserve? Watch this in HD. It’s super effective. Scientifically proven to help lose weight much faster than that of normal quality. HD…because your worth it. ;D

Anyway, to get to the point of this video. I heard this song on a Vampire Diaries video and I loved the remix. I had to use it for something.

I hope you enjoy it as simplistic as the storyline may be. Because I know winter hates your face. This should cheer you up somewhat.

Music ;; Numb by Linkin Park [Dubstep Cover/Remix]

Movies//Fandom ;; Don’t Say A Word, The Dark Knight, Phantom of the Opera, Sin City, Uptown Girls, The Dead Girl, Deadline, Candy//Joker & Harley Quinn


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