Bat Lines

by *Tragic-Ballerina

So, yah, new comis. Whee!
Anyway, i actually had alot of fun with this one. Originally, i was just going to use all random girls, but then i thought it would be more fun to throw in my friends :)
Jason’s is my friend Lauren, she would have liked Batman, but my sister called Shotgun, so i gave her the next bad ass. Nightwing’s is a female version of :iconaeonpants:, Alfred’s is :iconbrookerthehooker: :3, Damien is me and my two besties :iconkatewonder: and :iconlasphinxy: aaaaaand Tim is :iconcolours07: (that’s Steph and Con joining in btw.)
^_^ yay!


Tipp dir die Finger wund ... :-D

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