This is Garak

by ~Jien-chan

There were these „This is *character* “ – meme sort of things going around for a while.
They were divided into three collums,
one „This is… He is not… he is not… he is not…“
one „He lives… He does not live… he does not live…. He does not live…“
and one „He loves… He does not love… He does not love… He does not love…“
@__@ you may be confused now. I did a little something like that for Garak, minus the „He lives…“ collumn. Couldn’t think of enough places. ^^;
And the last one, well… Garak kinda DOES love everyone and everything.
A. Robinson once stated that he played Garak as being omnisexual (in Fangirl-jargon: „He isn’t gay, he just doesn’t care!“), but Paramount had issues… <____<““
But in episode 3, when Garak is first introduced to the show and to Julian Bashir, IT’S SO F***ING OBVIOUS! Just watch it, it’s hilarious! So I had to include that scene.Weapons of choice: COPICs, Photoshop, Paint.
Background noise: Some DS9 episode or another.Enjoy! :)


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