An Epic Plan

by ~Tirah

Our Harley truly is a master strategist…

Harley: Just look at it, Red. The best idea, I’ve ever came up with. Rescue mission of epic proportions, can’t possibly fail!

Ivy (mumbling): Gaia, this is retarded…

Harley: Huh? Didja say somethin‘?

Ivy: Not really.

Harley: Cool. So whaddaya say, Red? You gonna help me bust Puddin‘ outta the funhouse?

Ivy (takes one more look at the elaborate plan): Tell me again, Harl: what exactly do you get to do? To me it looks like I do the dirty job, while you’re just standing there, laughing.

Harley: Hey, that requires some skill too, ya know!

Harley and Ivy (and Bud with Lou^^) all belong to DC.

Edit: I’d like to thank everyone for your kind comments. It’s comments like these, that keep me going. Cheers!


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