welcome to gotham city

by *duss005

so i lied! here’s MORE batman mini dudes, 28 of them i’m counting. the batmobile counts as a character.

im sure the costumes are all way off and some are more deformed than others. but for some reason, i have no problem improvising costumes and features for Gotham characters. i figure if they looked cool to me, that was fun enough. unlike the marvel one [link] i did, where i actually had to go out to look for costumes and ref what they kinda look like.

also, i actually tried to do a step by step of this that i’ll post as soon as i get more time.

anyway, these are all my favorite gotham guys and gals, the penguin pose you’ve seen before is here- [link]

alfred is my fav on this. He was inspired by Duckworth on Ducktales.

22″ x 15″, 300lb softpress watercolor btw.


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