Always wanted to be ginger…

by ~xanykaos

„Am I…ginger?“
„No, you’re just sorta…brownish…“
Ohhh, I always wanted to be ginger! ‚M never ginger!“

I found it really adorable that the Doctor’s first real question about his new regeneration was if he was ginger. I’ve got a weakness for ginger blokes myself, so really, the only thing that could’ve upped Ten’s sexy-fella+cool factor would’ve been him being a red-head. But then he wouldn’t be Tennant, so…

I read somewhere that Jackie (Rose’s mum) makes her living as a hairdresser (Surprised? Anyone? Anyone?). And Rose, obviously, is no stranger to coloring and bleaching and all that.

So what can I say? I thought it would be a little bit unbearably cute if the Doctor had Rose make him ginger for a little while. Originally, this was part of a litle sequence of doodles where the Doctor tried to do it himself with disasterously orange results. I may do that bit, just to draw the pouty, orange-haired Doctor again…

Anyway. Doctor, Rose, TARDIS. I really buggered the whole idea of a TARDIS bedroom. Just…pretend rooms are shaped funny in the TARDIS. I’m sure they are.

I kind of like the pencils better than the color, but eh, what can y’do?

BTW, Cat, meant to mention it before, but I love you for catching that that is indeed my bed. ^_^ Heh. Almost like a self-insert, putting the Doctor in/on my bed…

Doctor, Rose, and TARDIS (c) the Beeb.


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